Indoor Birds and Koi Food


Food and Treats for Your Feathered Friends

Pamper Your Pet Birds With Nutritious Food and Treats

You don't have to go anywhere else to find quality food and treats for your indoor bird. Whether you have a finch, parakeet, cockatiel, conure, lovebirds, or a parrot, you'll find everything you need for your feathered friend to live a healthy life when you visit Tobin's Feed & Seed LLC.

Everything You Need for Your Feathered Friends

  • Kaytee- Gourmet Variety Diet, Fiesta, Supreme
  • Kaytee Jars - Fruit and Veggie, Orange Blossom Honey Treat, Oats Groats, Mixed Nuts and Cherries
  • Brown's  - Tropical Carnival, Parrot and Macaw, Cocatiel
  • Sweet Harvest
  • Sunsweet - Fabulous Fruit
  • Lafeber - Popcorn, Pellet Berries, Sunny Orchard, Premium Daily Diet, Nutriberries
  • Fresh Millet  bysprays the pound
  • Popcorn
  • Avi-cakes
  • Sunseed Treats
  • High Calcium Grit
  • Molting Aid - Ecotrition - Beak Conditioner
  • Millet Holder
  • Cuttlebones
  • Vita-Sol
  • Mite & Lice Spray
  • Bird Bath Spray
  • Poop-off
  • Gravel Paper
  • Treat Canisters & Sticks
  • Zupreem Rea Rewards Tropical Mix, Real Rewards Orchards Mix, Pure Fun, Sensible Seed, Fruit Blend Flavor
  • TOYS!
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Get quality food and treats for your indoor birds.  Gift certificates are available at our store! 
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